The artificial lawn manufacturer estimates the approximate cost of a cage football field

2017-12-16 admin 0

Jiangsu Yi Hua cage football cost estimates there are four types, respectively, ordinary type bottom price in the end, the practical cost of conventional top price and high cost - rain.

Specific prices include cage football materials (fence material price, pillar, stadium lighting cost) cost, site construction costs, freight prices and artificial turf football field price, cost basis.

Jiangsu Yi Hua cage football field area of 800 square meters, the football field turf price 35--65 yuan, cage football base price at 110--140 yuan per square metre; preliminary estimate of cage football field turf, artificial turf paving cost price (joint glue, cloth, freight, construction fees) and basic price of around 15 - 200 thousand yuan (this price is for reference only, may fluctuate due to market).

Cage football field four appearance framework estimating the cost of cage football ordinary low-end basic estimation for the price of 110 thousand yuan. Free four year warranty, the lighting system with six sets of metal halide lamps (optional for the price of 10000 yuan), metal halide lamp with PHILPS brand. At the end of ordinary football column and horizontal column materials used for galvanized pipe grid part adopts plastic bag net (including plastic mesh welding without welding point), on the top network using PE network. The overall price compared with the market of cage football cost, discount 20 thousand yuan.

Cage football commonly used practical price of the initial budget of 150 thousand yuan. The price includes the cost of post (galvanized tube), horizontal column (galvanized pipe prices), the price (using the 4mW type truss composite truss fence (Group 3), the cost of using PET on the fence, fence knotless net PET six angle knotless net, top PE, knotless net price, construction of PHILPS lamp) cost, freight and 17% value-added tax. With 6 years of free warranty (3 - 4 years at least 1 times maintenance). The commonly used practical lower than the market price of 30 thousand yuan.

Cage football in the end on the roof at a cost of 230 thousand yuan. The upright column and cross column material as same as conventional practical, using 20mW type composite truss column group 8; lint package column (using Dichotomanthes cloth +EVA), on the Seine by PET under the fence using knotless net, net, rescue 8 groups of metal halide lamps and other costs unchanged (construction cost, freight, invoice); 8 annual fee of warranty, warranty for 6 years among the knotless net.

Cage football high-end rain style price 280 thousand yuan in the preliminary budget. In the column, horizontal column, column column packaging materials used with lint in the end on the top of the same type, the specific price changes may consult the relevant business personnel. The same football field fence material, normal use of the PET PET six hexagon knotless net, knotless net, rope life (life net price is higher than the other net price, and Jiangsu Yi Hua own manufacturing, currently on the market structure of the Seine without purchasing).

In addition, the high-end rain proof cost also includes the cost of waterproof cloth (PE material), waterproof remote control system costs (8 sets of independent remote control system), the 8 group of PHILPS metal halide lamp prices and other costs. Among them, with 8 years of free warranty, the overall price is lower than the market price of nearly 50 thousand yuan.